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Interns within the Mustangs organization play a vital role for the club.  Our internship positions provide an opportunity for more hands on experience than the average sports organization could offer.  You will have important responsibilities that play a direct part in the success in the organization.  If you are interested in becoming a part of the Mustangs family please email

Seasonal Sales Representative (Internship):
This is the opportunity to get your foot in the door and begin a life in this awesome industry.  Ticket sales is the lifeblood of a sports team and as a Seasonal Sales Rep you will learn everything it takes to sell tickets successfully.

You will receive extensive training in mini plans and single game ticket sales and how to service accounts. You will learn the Mustangs “sell out mentality” of ticket sales and our second-to-none customer service policy. After learning how to truly market tickets and take care of clients, you will begin working with the Martinsville community yourself.   
Start Date: May 2019

Operations Coordinator:
The Mustangs organization enjoys making interns an integral and equal part of our operation.  Due to the importance of your role to the team, you will be expected to commit full-time throughout the 2019 season.  

During the time you are an intern, you will experience first-hand many different aspects of baseball operations.  The practices of our organization closely resemble those of all minor league teams.  The skills you will acquire will be easily transferable to any sports field in which you desire to work. 

Realistically, this type of internship is not for everyone, only those select individuals who are committed to career success in sport management or related fields. Duties Include, but are not limited to: Stadium Operations, Promotions, Ticketing, Concession Management, and Merchandising.
Start Date: May 2019 

Marketing and Promotions Internship:
Marketing and entertainment are two huge keys to the the Mustangs organization.  The primary responsibility for this position is managing our social media sites and making sure our fans know what we are up to.  If the fans don’t know we have a special on tickets then they won’t buy them and that is where you come in!  You will also serve as our on-field personality during games.  This will require great public speaking skills and being able to remain upbeat to entertain our awesome fans at Hooker Field!   
Start Date: May 2019