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Mustangs Mourn Passing of Longtime Supporter Sandra Christman

Mustangs Mourn Passing of Longtime Supporter Sandra Christman

The Martinsville Mustangs are saddened to learn of the passing of longtime supporter Sandra "Sandy" Christman.

Sandy and her husband, Dr. Doug Christman, have served in many roles for the Mustangs organization, but none as impactful as their role of host parents and mentors to the many collegiate baseball players that have come through Martinsville since the franchise's inception in 2005.

By hosting, Sandy ensured that every player had a home away from home and she was able to do what she loved most –cooking for the team. She quickly became a summer mother for the players and the relationships between the Christman's and the Mustangs lasted far longer than the summers they were in Martinsville.

"During my time in Martinsville I know we could not have achieved the things we did without her. There is a lot to be said about someone who does things out of the kindness of their heart and never wants anything in return," former Mustangs head coach Rob Watt ('06, '07) said. "One thing that is for sure is that the most valuable people reside behind the scenes and are the true reason that teams thrive. It is easy for us to identify the players, coaches and management but without the people willing to help for free, it just doesn't work. Sandy was every bit of this to the Mustangs and so much more. She was the epitome of what every organization needs."

Scott Diamond, who played two seasons ('06, '07) in Martinsville and later spent time in Major League Baseball, also spoke of Sandy's contributions.

"It's impossible to talk about my time in Martinsville and not mention Sandy and Doug Christman. We played well on the field but it was the time spent at the Christman's house that we remember to this day," Diamond said. "The entire Martinsville Mustangs family mourns the loss of one of its biggest patrons, a woman who connected all of us together and made our time with the Mustangs a time we wouldn't forget. Thank you again Sandy." 

Sandy served honorably in the United States Army and when she wasn't cheering on the Mustangs at Hooker Field, she was volunteering at the Martinsville Salvation Army.

"What a sad thought it is to know that she is gone, but what a wonderful privilege it was for all of us to have had our moment in time with," Watt added.

Sandy is survived by her husband Doug and two sons, Aaron and Jared.